25 августа 1775 года село Черная Грязь переименовали в Царицыно

During the rule of Tsar Boris Godunov, there was the village of Bogorodskoye next to his ancestral lands in the village of Borisovo. Bogorodskoye was the domain of his sister, Irina, the wife of Tsar Fyodor I Ivanovich. As the years passed, the village changed owners and names until 1712 when Tsar Peter presented it to Prince of Moldavia Dimitrie Cantemir under the name of Chyornaya Gryaz. Then came the tsar times for Chyornaya Gryaz again, as Catherine II liked the place and Prince S.D. Cantemir handed it over to the empress. Cantemir the Junior received 25,000 rubles and the village of Chyornaya Gryaz became Tsaritsyno, as such name was given to the village by the special decree of the Senate on 14 August 1775, O.S. Ain’t that the truth that the empress could not live in Gryaz (meaning “dirt” in English)! She did not really live there, though. She ordered reconstruction in the second summer, which was completed only in two and a half centuries.