24 октября 1935 года со Спасской башни Московского Кремля свергли двуглавого орла

For three and a half centuries, the Kremlin towers has been crowned with the symbol of Russia: the double-headed eagle. The government changed in 1917, but the old-regime symbol stuck on the towers – apparently, they simply did not have time to do something about it. And then, finally, the monarchist sign was overthrown from the Spasskaya Tower, and instead of it... Do you think that they erected the ruby star there? No! They erected a heavy structure made of stainless steel faced with gilded copper there. A hammer and a sickle were installed above copper. Besides, they illuminated them with searchlights to make them easier to see. One week later, they renovated the symbols on other towers. And two more years later, the cumbersome, non-luminous stars were replaced with others – genuine red stars with a five-kilowatt light bulb inside. The light bulb has two filaments: after all, the star above the Kremlin should not fade away. Well, anyway, it should not do that without a good reason. There have been two reasons of that kind in the past 78 years: The Great Patriotic War and making N. Mikhalkov’s movie The Barber of Siberia.