24 июня 1947 года человек впервые увидел НЛО

An Idaho businessman Kenneth Arnold was looking for the crash site of the US Air Force transport aircraft. And not on duty or out of curiosity, but for a solid reward. Sailing through the skies on own plane over Mount Rainer in the state of Washington, an amateur pilot noticed several strange objects nearby, flying at a fantastic speed, and even bouncing. Arnold described them as “saucers skipped across water.”

The word “water” seemed inappropriate to the journalists, and so the term “flying saucers” appeared in the reports. So, this one turned into our catch phrase, and Arnold went down in history as the first person who described a UFO. More than forty years later, it became clear what exactly it was that Arnold had seen. The saucers jumping joyfully turned out to be secret F-84 aircrafts.