24 июня 1893 года норвежский исследователь Фритьоф Нансен отправился к северному полюсу

On this day, from the capital of Norway, the city of Oslo, a ship sailed under the name “Fram,” which means “Forward” in Norwegian.

The creator of the ship was also onboard – a researcher and scientist Fridtjof Nansen, 13 crew members, as well as a supply of provisions for five years and fuel for eight years. Fram went to New Siberian islands to freeze into the ice there and drift to the North Pole, and from there to Greenland. But it did not turn out the way it was planned. Fram has not reached the pole. Nansen and his comrade Johansen tried to reach it on foot, but at latitude of 86 degrees and 14 minutes they were forced to stop – the path was blocked by open water. After spending a winter on Franz Josef Land, Nansen returned to his homeland on the ship of the English expedition. Fram arrived there a week later. And yet Nansen's expedition cannot be called unsuccessful – he came closer to the pole like nobody else did. And that is to say nothing of the scientific research which was conducted on the board of Fram.