24 июля 1374 года в документах впервые упомянута Вятка

The scientists are convinced that it was established by the Novgorodians on the same name river and believe that this occurred after 1181. On this day, it was mentioned in the chronicle in the story of the military expedition of the Novgorod ushkuyniks (river pirates) against the capital of Volga Bulgaria. The chronicle said, “In the summer of the year 6882, ushkuyniks who sailed down the Vyatka River, 90 ushkuyniks, plundered the city of Vyatka and went on to conquer the lands of Bulgaria.”

In the middle of the 15th century, the locals built the Kremlin at the mouth of the Khlynovitsa River and named it Khlynov. The city was also named Khlynov until 1780 when it regained its Novgorodian name later. It lasted until Kirov’s murder. As everyone knows from the children’s books, Sergey Kirov, the Soviet government and party leader, was born in the town of Urzhum, Vyatka Governorate.