24 апреля 1899 года родился Владимир Набоков

Poet Andrey Voznesensky called writer Vladimir Nabokov a two-language butterfly of the world culture. That was by no means incidental as Vladimir Vladimirovich Nabokov considered the discovery of a new species of butterfly his main lifetime achievement. Not everyone tends to agree though: Vladimir Nabokov is first of all considered a writer, held to be a unique phenomenon in the world literature. One encyclopedia dubbed him a “Centaur,” and rightly so. The body, which appeared on April 24 1899 (under the Gregorian calendar) in St. Petersburg, was single, and totally human at that. But, to no doubt, there were two literary languages. After abandoning Russian in 1940 Nabokov moved to writing only in English. Vladimir Nabokov wrote two dozen novels and an uncounted number of poems. A Professor at Cornell University, Vladimir Nabokov taught Russian and world literature and published several courses of lectures on literature. Vladimir Nabokov the lepidopterologist caught butterflies around the world not out of leisurely curiosity but for scientific purposes. Not long ago, Kurt Johnson, an American entomologist, together with his Hungarian colleague Zsolt Balint confirmed the significance of Nabokov’s research in entomology. Two dozen representatives of a butterfly species discovered by him have been named after the heroes of Nabokov’s writings.