23 мая 1907 года Петр Столыпин выступил в Государственной думе с речью

In a speech with a long title, On the Organization of Peasant Life and the Right of Property, the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Russian Empire, Pyotr Arkadyevich Stolypin, said a lot of important and interesting things and, among other, uttered words that are quoted so often these days: “Having been involved in land management matters for almost 10 years, I became deeply convinced that this… requires a long and arduous effort. Opponents of statehood would like to opt for the radicalism path, the path of breaking free from the historical past of Russia… They need great turmoil, we need a Great Russia!” Stolypin convinced none of opponents but made enemies. And he was assassinated in the Kyiv Opera House. The words from the same May speech were engraved on his monument in Kyiv: “You need great turmoil, we need a Great Russia!” The monument was demolished in 1917, during an era of great turmoil.