23 июня 1977 года нашли мамонтенка Диму

This story began a long time ago – about 40,000 years ago. In the upper reaches of the river, known to us as the Kolyma, in the valley of a modern stream Kirgilyakh near the spring, which is called Dima, a half-year-old baby mammoth got lost and froze. It strayed off his herd, lost his mother and tried to survive on his own, wandering in thickets of grass near the river in search of food. It was hungry, emaciated and weakened, and then something terrible happened: the mammoth fell into a muddy lake with ice water and steep walls. There was no way out for the baby mammoth. It choked, went to the bottom of the river and froze to the ice. And then it also drifted in silt. Ice and silt kept the mammoth carcass for many centuries. And on June 23, 1977, a bulldozer operator Anatoly Logachev mined gold in those places and 2 meters deep from the surface, stumbled upon a shaggy side mammoth. The bulldozer was turned off and the scientists were called. And when they reached the headwaters of the Kolyma, the baby mammoth named Dima had already completely thawed out of the ground. The wool fell off during the melting process, but the rest was perfectly preserved in the ice: skin, insides, soft tissues. Scientists, such they usually are, did not name him Dima. In all the countless scientific works dedicated to him, Dima is called the Magadan or Kirgilyakh mammoth. They even thought about cloning it – so that, provided that the experiment succeeds, we will be able to look at living mammoths. And anyone interested can take a look at Dima that is soaked in paraffin in the Zoological Museum of the Zoological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Petersburg, on Universitetskaya embankment in the house number one. Inventory number 70188, height 104 cm, weight 90 kilograms.