22 мая 1859 года родился Артур Конан Дойл

A man named Joseph Bell was the professor of medicine at the University of Edinburgh in the 1870s. He amazed students with his observance and extraordinary ability to deal with the most perplexing problems in life. One of his students, Arthur Conan Doyle, later became a famous English writer. He didn’t forget his teacher. Quite the contrary, he used him as a prototype for his most famous character, Sherlock Holmes. Nor did he forget about medicine, putting alongside this character a medic, Dr. Watson. A series of novels about the distinguished detective made Conan Doyle famous. At the same time, it enlightened the reading public who had never heard of deduction and other scientific methods of solving crimes. Personally, Arthur Conan Doyle valued his historical novels much more considering Sherlock Holmes a burden and hastened to get rid of him at the earliest opportunity. It was in vain: the readers voted against extermination. And in the most sensitive way – with their own shillings and pounds. The Strand magazine where Holms stories were printed lost 20,000 of its subscribers at once, the writer was branded a villain and a murderer, and his own mother stopped talking to him. With sigh he had to resurrect the amateur forensic expert. The result was impressive: there are four novels and five collections of stories about Sherlock Holmes in the writer’s literary heritage.