22 июня 1633 года Галилео Галилей отрекся от своего мировоззрения

In the church of the monastery of Santa Maria sopra Minerva, in the presence of all members of the court, which lasted for two months, Galileo Galilei, as per his sentences, renounced on his knees ... No, not his doctrine, but the propaganda of Copernicus' ideas. As it turned out now, he did not say “and yet it moves.” The Vatican came to this idea independently, but many years later. They wanted to justify the scientist for his 400th birthday in 1964, but the court appointed by the Pope Paul VI decided that the issue was not indisputable. As a result, Pope John Paul II was the one who corrected the mistake that Pope Urban VIII made. He ordered an additional investigation for this judicial incident, and in 1992 the Vatican finally decided: judged in vain. Everything turned out exactly according to the Russian proverb: “God sees the truth, but will not tell it soon.”