22 июля 1502 года в Лиссабон вернулась экспедиция, в которой принимал участие Америго Веспуччи

Upon his return, Vespucci wrote a letter to his pen friend Duke Lorenzo de’ Medici. The astronomer, navigator and annalist of the first expedition undertaken by the Portuguese explorer Gonçalo Coelho, he went to the South Atlantic adamant that he would discover the eastern edge of Asia. In this respect, he echoed his good acquaintance, Christopher Columbus. What he saw in South America flipped around his understanding of the world. “We concluded that this is a continent,” Vespucci informed the top-ranking addressee. Later, he or some discovery communicator would call this continent the New World. Martin Waldseemüller, a German cartographer, proposed to name it America in honor of Vespucci. The proposal was approved and Vespucci became firmly established on the map.