21 июня 1967 года подана заявка на изобретение компьютерной мыши

A Stanford University employee, an electronic engineer Douglas Engelbart had been pondering the problem of human-computer interaction for ten years. He kept thinking and came up with the following: on June 21, 1967

year, the US Patent Office registered his application for invention of “the X-Y position indicator for a display system.” A pointing device for selecting characters on the screen seemed like a mouse with a ponytail to the inventor and his associates. So, they named it “a mouse.” Temporarily: until a more elegant name comes up. But they waited in vain – the well-aimed word stuck tightly to the appliance, and the mice crawled in incredible quantities across the world of computers. And unlike the real mice, they do not scare women and even children. Although they can’t help you with the turnip harvest either.