2 сентября 1979 года началось кругосветное путешествие через полюса

Circumnavigations were no longer an exotic thing by the time. In 450 years, Magellan’s followers walked, traveled, circled the world using all means possible. But it turned out that boundaries could be pushed. Unlike all circumnavigations, which were undertaken transversally, two Britons, Ranulph Fiennes and Charles Burton, circumnavigate the globe longitudinally, from pole to pole. On September 2, 1979, they took a departure from the Thames Estuary, crossed France, Spain, and half of Africa along the prime meridian, reached Antarctica and, having changed a snowmobile with a snow scooter, they crossed Antarctica through the South Pole. Then, they visited Los Angeles and returned to London through Alaska, the North Pole and Svalbard. Their journey took three years and once again proved that there are plenty of people who are guided by the words of the Spanish poet Juan Ramón Jiménez: “If they give you ruled paper, write the other way.”