2 августа 1933 года торжественно открыли Беломорско-Балтийский канал

The 227 kilometers of waterway from the town of Belomorsk on the White Sea to Onega Lake near the settlement of Povenets runs along the Vyg, Povenchanka, Vygozer, Vodlozer, Lake Uzkoye and Matkozer. The missing 37 kilometers were dug by the prisoners of the Soviet camps. Camps for opponents of the regime appeared in the Soviet country earlier than in Germany – in 1929. Although they were not called concentration camps, but correctional labor camps, it did not change the essence of the case. It must be said that when in July 1933 Hitler's Germany banned the activities of any parties other than the ruling party, it also followed the example of Soviet Russia, where a similar ban was in effect since 1922.