2 августа 1930 года высадили первый в Красной Армии воздушный десант

The first landing of the then-not yet “blue berets” took place at the Moscow Military District exercises near Voronezh. The slow-moving bomber “Farman-Goliath,” piloted by pilot Gromov, dropped 12 paratroopers in two runs. In order to lighten the load on the parachute canopy the new paratroopers were armed only with revolvers “Nagan.” Following them, the planes dropped carbines, machine guns and ammunition. Everything was filmed; as a result, a documentary Parachute was made; it became a training manual for paratroopers for many years. Nowadays is considered to be the birthday of airborne troops and is always celebrated noisily, both in the USSR and in Russia. No matter what people say, though names change, the blue berets has always been there.