19 октября 1453 года закончилась Столетняя война

Despite its name, the duration of the longest war in the history of Europe was one hundred sixteen rather than one hundred years. More than a century of hostilities buried the British claims to the return of continental territories, introduced scientific and technological achievements, i.e., gunpowder and firearms, into military practice and glorified and deified Joan of Arc. The British had almost captured a half of France and united both countries under the rule of their crown, but suddenly young Duchess of Orleans headed the French army and took the matter into her gentle but strong hands. The daughter of peasants from the village of Domrémy managed to turn the tide of the war, and she did it so fundamentally that her capture and subsequent stake did not change anything. The British were resisting for twenty-two more years, but on October 19, 1453, the last stronghold of England, the garrison in Bordeaux, finally surrendered. And Joan was canonized – it happened more than four centuries later.