19 июня 1596 года открыт остров Шпицберген

Navigator Willem Barentsz, who plied the northern seas in search of paths from the Atlantic to China, saw a jagged mountain chain on the horizon. The finding had to be entered in the logbook and somehow designated. Barentsz did not think twice – the Sharp mountains are sharp, and that’s it. In the native Dutch language of the sailor, they are called Spitsbergen. Grumant, the Russian Pomors, who found archipelago in the Cold Sea long ago, would object. Svalbard, the Norwegians that swam to it long before Barentsz would say. In the end, the Norwegians were the ones who got it: in 1920, the stray archipelago was given under their sovereignty. And the Russians are conducting scientific and economic activities there, since the USSR joined the Svalbard Treaty. And the Barentsz has not been forgotten: The cold sea is now called the Barents Sea.