19 июля 1814 года родился изобретатель Сэмюэль Кольт

There is a dome just outside of Hartford, Connecticut, U.S., topped by a colt, which can be seen from afar. In English, “colt” means a young horse and it is quite logical that a colt crowns the head office of the famous arms company. The Colt products are also branded with a colt rampant.

The fate of the major American gunmaker was determined by a gun, which had been given to him in early childhood. In the early days, Sam happened to serve in the navy. A sailor aboard the brig Corvo was observant and had the idea for a type of revolver with a cylinder inspired by the capstan, or windlass. He patented this design. The gun turned out to be very effective. Colt and his successors were also very fortunate to catch the time, as the Mexican–American War, the Gold Rush and the Civil War revealed a great need for the fire arms. Colt became rich and famous. Of course. He fixed up what the Lord had done. God created men, Col. Colt made them equal. And all Americans believe it.