18 октября 1934 года родился выдающийся специалист по Юго-Восточной Азии Игорь Можейко

Quite recently, the world has been made happy with seven more wonders of the world. Apparently, this was done by people being far from science. The thing is that 37 more objects were added to the classic seven wonders over three decades ago. Igor Mozheyko’s book is called: Seven and 37 Wonders of the World. And this list comprises only Asian and African 37 wonders. However, where else should a doctor of historical sciences, a well-known specialist in Southeast Asia look for miracles? Such magic names as Angkor, Borobudur, Baalbek were inviting the author of these books to make a trip and make a discovery. He had enough work: scientific research, publications in journals, hundreds of titles of books and articles. Please also add here The Great Guslar and The Adventures of Alice, as well as several dozen other books signed differently: Kir Bulychev. The serious historian and translator from Burmese was afraid that the top managers of the Institute of Oriental Studies where he was working would not like his frivolous science fiction books. Thus, he used a pseudonym that he created from his wife’s name and mother’s maiden name. The secret was revealed when Doctor of Sciences Igor Mozheyko was awarded the USSR State Prize for the scripts of such movies as Through the Thorns to the Stars and The Mystery of the Third Planet written by Kir Bulychev. Thus, one can celebrate whatever one wants on October 18: the birthday of historian Igor Mozheyko or the name day of science fiction writer Kir Bulychev.