18 ноября 1723 года основан Екатеринбург

A bronze monument was erected in the historical center of Yekaterinburg for the 275th anniversary of the city. It depicts two men in garments of 18th century. Famous Russian geographer, historian and founder of Stavropol on Volga and Perm Vasily Tatischev is on the right, while the man on the left is Georg Wilhelm de Hennin, friend of Peter the Great, outstanding Russian engineer, and specialist in mining and metallurgy. The two of them founded Yekaterinburg having built the largest metal works in Russia: the city was constructed near it. It was in summer that Hennin wrote to the empress: “I founded a fortress near these plants and dared to name it Yekaterinburg in honor of Your Majesty.” On November 18, 1723, the trial launch of the machinery into operation took place at the plant. This date is celebrated today as the day of the city’s foundation.