18 июля 1635 года родился Роберт Гук – английский ученый энциклопедического охвата

The father thought he would become a pastor or at least a watchmaker but Hooke displayed his propensity for science early in life. He showed and delivered on great promise, as the long list of his discoveries includes the famous law of elasticity for solid bodies, which bears his name to this day, discoveries in acoustics and optics, including color interference phenomena, the discovery of the constancy of the temperature of ice melting and boiling of water. He disputed Newton’s priority in the discovery of the law of universal gravitation and probably for a reason because in any case it was him who came up with the correct wording of the law. With a microscope he improved, Hooke discovered a living cell and coined the term to identify it. His discoveries are vast and diverse from the optical telegraph to the hygrometer and anemometer.