17 октября 1740 года основан Петропавловск -Камчатский

The ships of the second Kamchatka expedition by Vitus Bering and Aleksey Chirikov, Saint Peter and Saint Paul, entered the Niakinskaya Bay of Avacha Gulf, Pacific Ocean, and cast anchors at the Itelmen camping ground of Aushin. Now this day is groundlessly considered the day of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky foundation. Meanwhile, no one was going to build a city there. The goal was much more modest – to establish an expedition base, spend the winter and set off to look for a sea route to Japan and America. The base was established. It (and also the harbor) was named after Saint Apostles Peter and Paul – in honor of the ships. Over time, the pretentious name of the village turned into the compact word “Petropavlovsk.” However, the village conversely grew to become a major port and city. It received the title of “Kamchatsky” from the Soviet regime – in order not to be mixed up with Petropavlovsk in Kazakhstan. Although no ships had ever sailed there, and the city had been named after a cathedral. The Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul.