17 мая 1846 года бельгийский  мастер Адольф Сакс получил патент на саксофон

If one excludes exotic things like the theremin, saxophone is the only instrument whose creator’s name is known to the general public. Well, who really remembers the Russian craftsman Sterligov who designed the bayan, or the Italian maestro Cristofori who is listed among the inventors of the fortepiano? It’s all because those respectable innovators were too humble to embed their own names in the name of the instrument. At first, critics accused the saxophone of its wild clucking but the time proved Sachs was right and demonstrated the versatility of the saxophone. And there was work for Aleksey Kozlov, Igor Butman, Georgy Garanyan, Benny Goodman, John Coltrane, Charlie Parker. Even Bill Clinton won’t have to go around hungry if luck deserts him – after all, he can still perform as a street musician!