17 июня 1985 года приступили к реставрации картины Рембрандта «Даная»

On this sad day in Leningrad, a group of Evgeny Gerasimov, Alexander Rakhman, Gennady Shirokov and Tatiana Aleshina was formed. These people were immediately nicknamed “The Danaians.” And all because they had to fulfill the most difficult scientific work – to restore Rembrandt’s painting “Danae.” Two days earlier, a mentally ill man cut this famous painting, a pearl collection of the Hermitage, with a knife and poured some hydrochloric acid over it. It took twelve years of the blood, sweat and tears for the restorers to “treat” the wounded picture. On October 14, 1997, the public saw the rescued masterpiece. And although, according to the director of the Hermitage, academician Mikhail Piotrovsky, that Danae is gone, the titanic work of restorers preserved the soul of the Rembrandt painting. And we can still hear the part of what the genius wanted to tell us – thanks to the science.