16 июня 1874 года открыта  Кавендишская лаборатория

A rich and eccentric Henry Cavendish was a remarkable scientist, but neither worried about peer recognition and nor published his works. For many years, they gathered dust in his family archives in Devonshire, until his family thought about perpetuating his memory. In 1870, the Duke of Devonshire informed the Senate of the University of Cambridge about the intention to build and equip a physics laboratory. By the idea of ​Cavendish’s relatives, a famous scientist was to head the laboratory was to. It was James Maxwell – next year, he began to organize and equip the laboratory. On June 16, 1874, the Cavendish laboratory opened its doors. It did not remain a training base for training of experimental physicists for too long – soon, the Cavendish laboratory has become a world research center. What names: in different years, the laboratory was run by Maxwell, Rayleigh, Thomson, Bragg, Rutherford, Wilson, Langevin, Watson, Pyotr Kapitsa. What discoveries: the discovery of an electron and neutron, the artificial split of an atomic nucleus, the model structure of DNA, the creation of a Wilson cloud chamber, a mass spectrograph, linear particle accelerator! And Cavendish's works were also published: this happened back in 1879.