16 августа 1836 года в Кремле установлен на постамент Царь-колокол

The ill-fated Tsar Bell was finally put to its eternal rest. More than a century of its making came to an end. The Great Uspensky Bell of 10,000 poods (approx. 164,000 kilograms) was cast by Mikhail Motorin in November 1735 by the order of Empress Anna Ioannovna. It was his second try and finished the work of his father, Ivan Motorin. In 1737, before the last ornamentation was completed, a major fire broke out at the Kremlin. The bell cracked and a huge slab of 700 poods (approx. 11,500 kilograms) broke off. Every next Russian emperor tried to decide what to do with the damaged bell but there was a constant shortage of money and craftsmen. Auguste de Montferrand, an author of the Saint Isaac’s Cathedral and the Alexander Column, was commissioned to do the job. He got the turnip, i.e., the bell, from the casting pit and placed on the pedestal of his own work. And everyone can now walk and admire it.