15 сентября 1916 года впервые в мире в бою применили танк

The Germans entrenched on the banks of the Somme near the town of Flers–Courcelette had their eyes popped out of the sockets and heart at heels. There was a huge monster crawling from the English positions and shooting at them. Deployed in secret under the guise of tanks (a storage chamber for liquids), the never-seen-before machines frightened the enemy but that was literally all, as tanks stuck in the field and did not affect the outcome of battles. However, the English priority and name remained. Which is unfair. In May 1915, the Russians tested the world’s first Vezdekhod tank designed by Porokhovshchikov. Russia could have got an edge in the war but... The military officials did not like the tank. This is why there were no Russian tanks, only the Soviet ones.