15 октября 2003 года в космос отправился первый китайский тайконавт

Lieutenant Colonel of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Yang Liwei cried “Go on!” in Chinese, and the launch vehicle Long March carried the spacecraft Shenzhou 5, i.e., Divine Craft, to the near-earth orbit. Yang Liwei became neither a cosmonaut nor an astronaut, nor even a spationaut, as the French who do not recognize foreign terms call their orbital flyers. The Chinese added a new word to the world dictionary: taikonaut. China was jubilant when looking at the taikonaut waving the flags of the PRC and the UN on orbit. However, there was disappointing thing: Yang Liwei said that he had not seen the Great Wall of China from above. However, they had thought that this creation of the Chinese was the only man-made structure visible from space with a naked eye.