15 ноября 1933 года в Москве пустили троллейбус

The first trolleybus was launched in Germany back in 1882. Half a century later, the horned progress finally reached our country: trolleybus LK-1 went on a journey along the first regular route Belarussian-Baltic Railway Station – the village of Vsekhsvyatskoye (now the area of Sokol subway station). The machine made of oak and ash and featuring metal coating had 37 seats and was named after Lazar Kaganovich, first secretary of Moscow Communist Party Committee at that time. Creaky and clumsy trolleybus with tough steering wheel, doors opened manually and salon unheated in winter and stuffy in summer would cost to the state twice less if compared to buses. That is why these machines started running along Tverskaya Street and other roads of Moscow. By the way, if all wires of Moscow trolleybus lines are combined into one, the machine can travel from the capital to Ufa.