15 ноября 1738 года родился музыкант и астроном Уильям Гершель

William Herschel, son of musician, was born in Hannover, Germany. He moved to England as a musician, got carried away by the theory of music and would verify harmony with the help of algebra, like Pushkin’s Salieri. After that, the road was straight: mathematics – optics - astronomy. Herschel was short of money, yet had thin and strong fingers, so he would grind the lenses and mirrors himself. During his first observation using the self-made telescope, he discovered a new planet of the Solar System – Uranus. It was not the name that Herschel gave to it. He devoted the newly opened planet to King George III. However, the king’s name did not assimilate, like the one of Herschel suggested by the French. Finally, name Uranus suggested by Germans was chosen. On the other hand, Herschel’s initiative of giving the monarch’s name to the planet did not remain unnoticed, and he was appointed to the position of royal astronomer. Using the money allocated from the treasury, he built the biggest telescope of his time and made a lot of discoveries with the help of it.