15 мая 1930 года приступила к работе первая стюардесса

By 1930, aviation had already won recognition as a means of transport. And here was a new milestone: on board a United Airlines flight from San Francisco to Cheyenne, Wyoming, passengers were met for the first time by a stewardess. The world’s first flight attendant was called Ellen Church, she was young, unmarried, graduated from a college and weighed less than 125 pounds. These were the demands for sky girls who were supposed to amuse clients and distract them from thoughts about danger. Why weren’t they called, for example, geishas? Because as early as 1907, the language commission of the Union of German Pilots issued a recommendation adopted worldwide, according to which aviation objects and personnel are called by analogy with maritime ones. According to the instruction, the stewardesses had to spat down all the flies first, and then shine the shoes of those who asked to.