14 октября 1905 года создана Международня авиационная федерация

Just imagine: in 1903, the Wright brothers first flew an airplane, but already in 1905, an international aeronautical conference was convened. It was opened on October 12. And in two days of heated debates, the representatives of eight countries, i.e., Belgium, France, Germany, Great Britain, USA, Italy, Spain, and Switzerland, established the World Air Sports Federation. Apart from other duties, FAI became responsible for registering world aviation records and notifying anyone who feels like it of them. The World Air Sports Federation was simply flying ahead of time: back in October 1960, it established the rules of registering presumable space records. Thus, when Yuri Gagarin landed, together with others he was met by FAI sports commissioner Ivan Borisenko to register all the three records: flight duration and height, as well as the greatest mass of the spacecraft.