14 октября 1900 года Зигмунд Фрейд опубликовал свой первый фундаментальный труд «Толкование сновидений»

Stefan Zweig compared the impression of this event with a shot in a church. Readers who were unaware of Freud’s views and considered the new book to be kind of a dream book were amazed. The doctor was telling them incomprehensible things: when they are awake, people cannot realize their desires being unacceptable in terms of morality, as this is prevented by censorship, i.e., Super-Ego. However, their control weakens when they sleep, and so their repressed aspirations strive to get into consciousness, that is, the Ego, in the form of dreams. Freud added that dreams do not always have an explicit meaning, they may be disguised, symbolic and conditional. They can be interpreted through psychoanalysis. This conclusion had purely practical consequences: opening centers and clinics dealing with that very psychoanalysis. Dreams simply have not existed since that time. And Freud is considered the founder of psychoanalysis.