14 ноября 1920 года загорелась первая «лампочка Ильича»

The luminous image aimed at personifying socialist progress in Russian province was born in the village of Kashino, not far from Volokolamsk. It was there that the activists of agricultural partnership Zarya (the Russian for dawn) built the first rural power plant. Fortunately, Vladimir Lenin was on vacation nearby, and he was invited to the opening ceremony. The famous GOELRO plan was still being worked out, while the residents of Kashino were lucky to experience the pleasures of life with light. The leader of world proletariat delivered a speech and left for Yaropolets. The lamp remained in Kashino and was displayed at the local museum until 1998, when it was sent for restoration. After that nobody has seen the museum piece. Painting V.I Lenin in Kashino on November 14, 1920 has also been stolen. On the other hand, the crockery that Lenin and Krupskaya used for tasting local delicacies and drinking beer is still there.