14 июня 1645 года  произошла битва при Нейзби

The decisive battle of the first English Civil War occurred

near the village of Naseby. Cromwell's parliamentary army, taking advantage of

numerical superiority and ideological rise, utterly defeated

the army of King Charles I. So, why do we care about other people's political battles?

If you have a dog, then perhaps you will be interested. And to those who don’t, maybe they will find this interesting too. Legend tells that the English king fled, pursued by the cavalry. He could have been caught, but to his royal happiness, a poodle jumped out of the grove and barked loudly. Charles galloped after the dog, and the royal cuirassiers faced his pursuers in ambush. So, an ordinary poodle became the king's savior. Although, why ordinary? Since them a large poodle began to be called “the royal.”