13 сентября 1830 года Пушкин уехал из Москвы в Болдино

The mood was dark, as money scandals with the future mother-in-law brought the wedding with Natalya Goncharova to the brink. The father allocated a part of the estate to the poet but paperwork had to be taken care of. Pushkin lamented that this vanity fair would interfere with his work. But he was mistaken. The personal troubles came as a present for literary scholars and success for the Russian literature, which they enriched with such a well-known notion, as the Boldino Fall. Appeased by the letter of his bride who promised to marry him without dowry, the leading figure of the Russian poetry felt a rush of inspiration that even a cholera epidemic could not kill, although it delayed him in Boldino for 3 months. Pushkin delivered on his promise to Pletnev whom he told, “I will prepare prose and poems for you.” That fall, he wrote Tales of Belkin, chapters for Onegin, Little Tragedies and so on, including thirty poems. A true feast of creativity in time of plague, that is cholera. By the way, it was at the same time, during the Boldino Fall, that A Feast in Time of Plague was written.