13 мая  1783 года родился Черноморский флот

The incorporation of Crimea into Russia raised a need for a naval base. On May 13 (under the Gregorian calendar) 1783, ships under the Russian flag sailed into a bay near the Crimean Tatar village of Akhtiyar and the ancient city of Chersonesos. In full accordance with the Edict of Catherine II, Vice Admiral Klokachev moved a part of the Azov and Dnieper flotilla toward the Crimean coast. This is how the Black Sea fleet was born. The following year the Empress ordered to build a city and a port on the banks of Akhtiyar Bay.

By an imperatorial edict it was named Sevastopol, based on two Greek words “sebastos” and “polis,” that is, a city.

“Sebastos” roughly corresponds to the Latin title “Augustus” and in this sense Sevastopol is an imperial, august city.

Sometimes the name is interpreted as a “City of Glory,” and one can’t argue much as recalling the history of Sevastopol would be enough.