13 июня 1831 года родился Джеймс Клерк Максвелл

He did his first research while still at school: he came up with a simple way of sketching out oval figures. Then there was Edinburgh University and the famous Cambridge, professorships at Aberdeen and King's College London... Maxwell left a deep imprint in every field of physics he got his hands on. He became interested in the structure of Saturn's rings and discovered that they were nothing but a swarm of solid blocks. Maxwell described it with amazing figurativeness: a forest of cannons, occupying the area of a rectangle with sides of 100 and 30,000 miles, spewing out infinite number of cannonballs. It was Maxwell who presented the physical world with classical electrodynamics: he was Faraday's heir, and derived the simple and elegant equations that described the world of electromagnetism. And the tiny devil peeking out from under Maxwell's coat on the bas-relief at Oregon State University is the same demon Maxwell invented to illustrate the Second Beginning of Thermodynamics. The Maxwell demon has been played with by everyone from Strugatsky to Lem.