11 ноября 1920 года в Париже впервые в мире запылал Вечный огонь

The fire was solemnly ignited at the first in the world Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. No, there are lots of unmarked soldiers’ graves on the planet, yet the French were the first to turn such a tomb into monument to all unknown soldiers killed during the World War I. Thus Soldat inconnu (unknown soldier) found his terminal home under the vaults of Arc de Triomphe (Arc of Triumph) in the Star Square built by Napoleoon in honor of the great French army. In the USSR, the Eternal Fire was ignited for the first time after Stalin’s death – in 1957 in the Field of Mars at the memorial complex devoted to the fighters of revolution. As long as a person was considered a cog in the state’s machine, eternal fire was out of question, as cogs are not buried but thrown on the scrap-heap.