11 августа 1920 года принято решение о создании в усадьбе «Абрамцево» музея имени Аксакова

The decree issued by the Collegiate for Museum Affairs of the People’s Commissariat of Education kept it quiet about the merchant Mamontov who had purchased the Abramtsevo Estate from the writer Aksakov and lived there until his death in 1918. Let’s not find fault with the decision but rejoice instead — Abramtsevo did not share the same destiny as dozens of other estates burnt down during the revolution but remained a haven for arts and their scientific study. Abramtsevo holds the record by the number of great works created at the estate and great people who visited it. Aksakov received Gogol and Turgenev, Tyutchev and Shchepkin and the host wrote almost all of his books at the Abramtsevo Estate, including The Family Chronicle and Childhood Years of Bagrov Grandson. Under Mamontov, the Abramtsevo Estate welcomed painters and its wings were built by the renowned architects, such as Ropet and Hartmann. The church and Hut on the Chicken Legs were designed by Viktor Vasnetsov. As he walked amid the mighty oak trees, Vasnetsov thought of the Bogatyrs and Valentin Serov painted the Girl with Peaches, a portrait of Vera Mamontova. In Abramtsevo, the machinist Zvezdochkin cut and the painter Milyutin painted the first Russian nesting doll (matryoshka).