10 октября 1913 года пробита последняя перемычка между Атлантическим и Тихим океаном

At 9 a.m. in the White House, the US President Woodrow Wilson pressed a gilded button and accomplished what the church had opposed for 400 years, – he divided what was united by God. The pulse that ran half a сontinent in a split second blew up 20 tons of dynamite and created the Panama Canal – only 81.6 kilometers instead of thousand miles around South America. And it did not take much: to ruin the army of small contributors to the French joint-stock company that started this construction (even the term "Panama", signifying a major scam, appeared), create a new state, separating a part of Colombia, to force the new Panama to sign an agreement on perpetual US ownership of the canal zone. And they started to sail – both the ships and the money.