10 ноября 1919 года родился создатель всемирно известного оружия Михаил Тимофеевич Калашников

The “father” of the world famous “child”, Kalashnikov never planned on becoming a weapons designer. It was the war that put him on the path to glory, awards, titles, and science degrees. A wounded tankman, Senior Sergeant Kalashnikov swore to himself to “make a weapon, which would make his Red Army comrades invincible” – the oath that determined his entire life. Kalashnikov created a machine gun that the entire Russian army and half of the world are armed with. The machine gun that became an element of the world's culture, a symbol of the militant 20th century. The machine gun, which is on the short list of man-made products that Russia does better than other countries do. It is also featured in other rankings, such as the list of the most significant inventions of the 20th century, the list of products that changed the world. Mikhail Kalashnikov is proud of what he has done. But sometimes, joking wistfully, he says: “I wish I had invented a lawn mower instead.”