10 мая 1503 года Колумб открыл Каймановы острова

Luck has deserted the old admiral: his fourth voyage was a decisive failure. He failed to find the “straits” he was looking for as a passage to India, his caravellas were quite fatigued by the storm, and the sick Columbus gave orders to turn back. On May 10, south of Cuba, seafarers spotted three small islands and uncountable flocks of green turtles around. Without much deliberation they called the islands called Las Tortugas, which means “turtles” in Spanish. The tiny archipelago had existed under this name for thirty years before huge iguana lizards were sighted at the islands and mistaken for crocodiles who are called caymans in the area. There are still no living caymans in the Cayman Islands, but big-business crocodiles from different countries are abundant, attracted to the world-famous offshore zone by tax havens and anonymity.