10 июня проходит традиционное соревнование по гребле между студентами Оксфордского и Кембриджского университетов

During May-June of 1897, Konstantin Balmont was invited to give lectures at Oxford. The famous Russian poet was amazed by the fact that the lectures were attended by professors and ladies from nearby. Only the students were absent. The students were preparing – not for exams, but for the traditional rowing competition. The first race of this kind was held back in 1829 and it was a great success. Since then, every year during the summer vacations students from Britain's two most prestigious universities compete over the same four-mile, 374-yard course between Putney Bridge and the Mortlake district of West London. Slightly more often Cambridge wins, and in 1877 an unprecedented draw was recorded. This unbelievable rowing event was brought to the racers by... a pious referee. He gave the start and went off to pray, and when he finished talking to God, the boats had long since finished. Solomon's decision not only upset the teams, but also doubled the losses of a London newspaper. The owner of the media outlet had fallen for his own trick – he had printed two circulations in advance. One announced the win for Oxford, the other for Cambridge.