1 сентября 1953 года открыто высотное здание МГУ на Ленинских горах

The world’s first modern university is the university of the Italian city of Bologna established in the 11th century. In Kyiv, there was Prince Yaroslav the Wise and Moscow did not exist if chronicles are to be trusted. The foreign love for science came with Peter I’s ascension to the Russian throne. He did not establish the university but Catherine I and Menshikov finished what he had started. In 1726, they opened the Academic University, the first secular and civil establishment of higher education. Elizaveta Petrovna continued the father’s enlightenment legacy and founded the Moscow University thanks to Mikhail Lomonosov and Ivan Shuvalov. The classes were first held at the building on the Red Square, on the site of the current Historical Museum. In the 1780s, Matvey Kazakov erected an impressive building in Mokhovaya Street, which can still be admired today. The high-rise building, the Main Building of the University in Lenin Hills, was finished in 1953. On September 1, of the same year, the building received the first students. And many of them did not leave it, as they settled at the dorms. The high-rise building also housed canteens, a library, a shop, a post office, a club, and apartments of instructors.