1 июля 1946 года прогремел первый атомный взрыв на  коралловом острове-атолле Бикини

According to the Soviet Military Encyclopedia, Bikini Atoll is one of the Marshall Islands in the Pacific Ocean and is under the US protection since 1946. For 8 years, the military took care of the island in a very “touching” way: with atomic explosions of thousands tons of nuclear material. As to the inhabitants, the US evacuated them without their consent. The first explosion was detonated on July 1, 1946, at a height of 160 m. And four days later, a tiny bathing suit saw the world for the first time, and the society, shocked by the explosion and the amorality, named it “bikini.” The bathing suit got the right to exist, unlike atomic tests: the explosions were stopped after 1954 under the world community’s pressure. Maybe it would be interesting for you to know that Bikini, famous for the atomic explosions, was discovered by Russian captain Otto von Kotzebue. He named it Eschscholtz Atoll, after Russian naturalist Johann Friedrich von Eschscholtz, the doctor of Kotzebue’s expedition. The atoll had lived under the rule of Spain, Germany, and Japan. Since 1986, Bikini Atoll is a territory of the Republic of the Marshall Islands.