1 августа 1864 года в Москве открылась фабрика «Новая заря»

On this day, the Parisian-born hereditary perfumer Heinrich Brocard opened a tiny workshop of three men, three cauldrons and a stone mortar in Moscow. This workshop, which produced soap Narodnoe for a penny apiece, eventually grew into a major perfume empire, which was famous for its huge range and original advertising ideas. Even the most famous perfume “Favorite Bouquet of the Empress,” released for the 300th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty, is the product of the Association Brocard and Co. Novaya Zarya, which became Brokar's company after it was nationalized, has been producing this perfume for many years. Although they changed its name. The older generation should remember these perfumes well: they were called Red Moscow at that time.