Иоганн Вольфганг фон Гёте
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

1749 – 1832. The great German novelist, poet, playwright and natural scientist.



1. To live without a good cause is to die prematurely.

2. Inspiration is not a herring that can be kept pickled for years.

3. A sovereign who fails to surround himself with all the talented and worthy people is like a commander without an army.

4. It’s a big mistake to imagine about oneself more than is appropriate, or to value oneself lower than one is worth.

5. Most of the ills around the world come from the fact that people don’t understand their goals exactly enough.

6. To be human means to struggle.

7. Any reasonable thought has already occurred to someone, it is necessary only to try to come to it again.

8. It’s much easier to find a mistake than the truth. The mistake lies on the surface, and you notice it immediately, and the truth is hidden deep, and not everyone can find it.

9. Art is a proxy to what cannot be expressed.

10. People obey the laws of nature even when the laws of nature turn against them.