И еще 10 звонов Александра Герцена
Alexander Ivanovich Herzen

1812 – 1870. Russian writer, journalist, philosopher, revolutionary. Nikolay Ogarev's friend. Publisher of the Kolokol (The Bell) newspaper. Said to be “awoken” by the Decembrists.



1. Science is power that reveals the relationship of things, their laws and interactions.

2. Progress is an inherent property of uninterrupted conscious development; it both serves an active memory and makes people better through their societal life.

3. Preaching from the pulpit, enchanting from the tribune, instructing from the rostrum is much easier than raising a single child.

4. In a people deprived of public freedom, literature is the only rostrum from where it can make the cry of its indignation and its conscience heard.

5. If people wanted to save themselves instead of saving the world, to liberate themselves instead of liberating humanity – how much would they do to save the world and to liberate humanity!

6. Love and friendship are mutual echoes; they give as much as they take.

7. Painful love is not the true love…

8. Science demands a whole person, without back thoughts, with his readiness to give up everything and to receive a heavy cross of earnest knowledge in reward.

9. Our power is in the power of thought, the power of truth, the power of word.

10. Do people torture children and sometimes grown-up ones precisely because children are so difficult to raise and so easy to flog? Is not our punishment a revenge for our lack of ability?