И еще 10 зарядов Георга Лихтенберга
Georg Lichtenberg

1742 – 1799. A German scientist and publicist. He was the first to distinguish between positive and negative electric charges. A foreign fellow of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences. A crater on the Moon is named after him.


1. Troubled is the one who is smart but not endowed with a strong character. If you’ve got Diogen’s lantern, you need his cane.

2. Most people live by fashion rather than reason.

3. Our weaknesses no longer hurt us when we know them.

4. Most people base their disbelief in one matter on blind faith in another.

5. Geniuses tread new ways in sciences, to be graded and finished by people with intelligence and taste.

6. The main calling of the writer is to deliver the truth to the people, to teach and educate them.

7. If there were no memories of youth, we would not notice the transition into old age.

8. God created men in his likeness, which means, apparently, that man created God in his likeness.

9. The interpreter of prophecies is even more important than the prophet.

10. There are people who believe that everything done with a serious face is reasonable.